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For 2 years my parents had been putting up with their loony neighbors bull shit. They have reported my father for "stalking" back when their fence was a mesh fence and not those wooden private fences. Then they have signed my parents up for junk mail. It got worse due to the fact the husband is second in command in the town police force. He takes his wife to the police station like at 11:00 PM, 1 AM or 2 AM to take info of my father like his SSN and all that. They never attacked me or my sister who lives in Oklahoma now.....

until tonight -_-

So at 11:50 PM my daddy calls and i'm thinking: shit what happened to my family this time?

oh no it's daddy telling me that their neighbors have gotten into the husband's work truck ((aka police truck)) and snooped around my Apt. I have to wait until Monday morning to tell the Police Chief about this and to tell my Manager about it to cause this is private property and i believe they can be fined for it. But i have a million questions in my head right now and i'm scared to death atm.

Why go after me? You could have started this shit 2 years ago but instead you waited and start now? All i did was work with your shitty daughter at a Motel and listen to her talk shit about my parents is that why your going after me? Or is it cause i'm related to my smart father who is one step ahead of your bull shit?

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